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La Boîte du Chef is a box containing five prepared meals delivered right to your door.
Each box contains five starters, five main courses, five garnishes and a surprise from the Chef.
La Boîte du Chef’s menu changes weekly, thereby ensuring a varied diet for our regular clients.
In addition, La Boîte du Chef offers a monthly themed box for you to discover even more great flavours or to help you celebrate special holidays.

Our box menus are pre-established.
No changes can be made to the contents of the boxes.

Each box is made for two people.
Currently, we do not prepare boxes for odd numbers of people.
When ordering, select the number of boxes you will need for the number of people you wish to feed.

We currently only offer boxes packaged for two people.
If you live alone and would like to order from La Boîte du Chef, may we suggest you share with a family member, a friend or a neighbour.
You can use the meals for your lunches and you can store leftovers in your fridge or freezer.
If you want to feed more than two people, simply order the number of boxes that will feed everyone.

No subscription or long-term commitment is required to order from La Boîte du Chef.
You may purchase boxes whenever you want and there is no minimum purchase required.

Yes, we offer a 5% discount upon ordering two of our weekly boxes, a 10% discount upon ordering three and a 15% discount when ordering four.

To receive your discount, enter the corresponding promotional code at check out :

  • - 5% off on two weekly boxes: “2boitesduchefsvp”
  • - 10% off on three weekly boxes: “3boitesduchefsvp”
  • - 15% off on four weekly boxes: “4boitesduchefsvp”

* Does not apply to themed boxes.

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1. Select the items you wish to purchase at laboiteduchef.ca or thechefsbox.ca

2. Click on “Add to cart”, fill out the delivery information and proceed to checkout.

3. Enter the gift certificate code or promotional code and click on “Complete purchase”.

The value of your electronic gift card will automatically be applied.

No reward program is currently in place, yet we plan to create one.
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Each box contains five meals composed of a starter, a main course and a garnish (for a grand total of fifteen items).

You can purchase up to four weeks of La Boîte du Chef weekly boxes at any given time, as well as the current month’s themed box.

Each meal contains two portions (is for two people).

The reheating methods are indicated on the labels found on each food item and are published on our website in the menu section of each weekly box.

All food items are either vacuum-sealed or packaged in order to preserve them for long periods.
You can store most items for up to 10 days after receiving your box.
Most items also freeze well and will keep in the freezer (-18°C) for anywhere between 3 and 18 months.

La Boîte du Chef is delivered in a chilled box that will keep the contents at the optimal temperature for at least 48 hours (up to 72 hours).

Whether your box was delivered at home or at work, its content will remain fresh until you have the opportunity to transfer it to a refrigerator, even if several hours later.

Please note that the filled boxes weigh approximately 6 kg.

We carefully source our products from the province’s top farmers and suppliers.
High quality, fresh products are the base for creating our dishes, thereby ensuring high-quality meals for our customers.
You will benefit from highly nutritional meals made from carefully selected ingredients, then prepared and packaged to preserve the vitamins and minerals.

The dishes are prepared in our food transformation centre CDA-Teq, located in Montreal.
A team of 50 cooks, pastry chefs and bakers, trained according to Chef Jérôme Ferrer’s high standards, prepare each dish with the utmost skill and care.
The food items sold in our online store that are not branded Jérôme Ferrer are those made and supplied by our valued partners.
These products have been carefully selected with respect to our quality charter.

Occasionally, in one of two of the following cases : either because our suppliers were unable to fill an order as expected or because the products received did not meet the chef’s high standards and were returned.
In these situations, we adapt menus in order to provide food items that meet the standards our customers expect.

We provide allergy-related information on the nutritional value labels found on each food item.
Carefully read the labels and consult the website’s menu section for that week's box.

Take note that our dishes are prepared in a facility where milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy are also present.

Furthermore, because all food items are packed and shipped together in one box, ingredients from one dish may come into contact with ingredients from another dish during shipping.

We therefore advise against ordering from La Boîte du Chef if you have food allergies.

The cardboard box, insulation and plastic bags are made of recycled materials and are recyclable.
The liquid in the ice pack is biodegradable, nontoxic and can be poured directly down the sink.


Your box will be delivered just before its corresponding week.
Deliveries are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (and sometimes Mondays) before the box’s corresponding week.

For example, if you order Box #7 for the week of October 16 to 20, delivery could be either on Thursday the 12th, Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th (or possibly Monday the 16th).

Deliveries are made between 8 am and 6 pm.
Although we cannot specify the exact time of your delivery, you can track your parcel using the tracking number you will have received by email the day before delivery.

If delivery cannot be completed as planned due to bad weather or to other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will do everything in our power to deliver to you as quickly as possible.


If the box is delivered to your home and that nobody is there at the time of delivery, the shipping company will leave your order on your doorstep.
If you live in a condo building and there is no one to receive your delivery, the shipping company will leave a notice of delivery in your mailbox indicating where to retrieve your parcel.
The notice will include a phone number that you can call if you would like to schedule a subsequent delivery.

Take note that we can also delivery to your workplace.

Yes. Each box is carefully packaged with an ice pack to keep the contents chilled for a minimum of 48 hours.
For best results, we recommend you refrigerate the contents of the box as soon as possible.

You can cancel your order and change your delivery date up to 48 hours before the scheduled delivery. Within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date it is no longer possible to do so because your items are already packed and on their way.

To cancel your order or to change your delivery date, contact our customer service by calling (514) 398-9718.

The chef's boxes and thematic boxes will be delivered on the selected date.

For boxes with no date choice or featured products, delivery times may take up to 72 hours (business day).

All food items are stored at 6°C before being shipped.
Food items are shipped in an isotherm box packed with an ice pack.
The ice packs last for a minimum of 48 hours.
The food items therefore remain at an optimal temperature during shipping.

We currently ship throughout the province of Quebec.
Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on new shipping zones and on when we will expand our service beyond the province’s borders.

We look forward to serving you throughout Canada soon.

Shipping and handling costs $15 per box. This fee is included in the price of each box.

You will see this fee appear in the cost breakdown at checkout. Shipping and handling costs are subject to change, but we will always clearly indicate all applicable fees as you place your orders.

We deliver throughout the province of Quebec.

Delivery days are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (and sometimes Mondays).


Most of our food items are chilled, but some food items are frozen to optimize their preservation.
Our food items are always prepared with fresh products, regardless of whether the dishes are subsequently frozen or not.
Even if a food item has been frozen, its quality and taste will not have been compromised in any way.


The books are the only taxable items in our online store.

We use the Stripe online payment system, one of the most secure payment processors in the industry.
All payment information is stored on their encrypted servers, which comply with the highest security regulations.
Stripe is our partner in safeguarding your personal information.


  1. Select the items of your choice on en.laboiteduchef.ca
  2. Click on Add your cart and proceed to the payment after having entered your details of delivery
  3. Before you make the payment, enter the code of your gift certificate or promo code and click Finish Purchase.

The use of the masculine gender has been adopted to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intent.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us at (514) 398-9718 or email us at info@laboiteduchef.ca and we will be happy to answer it.